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A Newsroom for Axis Communications

Achieved goal: launching Axis' first Newsroom and thereby strengthening the Axis brand, as well as adding value to Axis' partners, customers and stakeholders, by sharing news, stories, events and the company's offering.

My role: UX Designer. My task was to ask "why?" in many discussions, in an attempt to simplify the scope and the experience for the user. To prevent an inward focus, I did early usability tests with wireframes.

After conducting market research, I made design suggestions and based on the feedback from stakeholders I went forward with one of the concepts.

My sketches, a filter function and some other functionality were iterated and changed multiple times during the project. To my delight, usability tests showed that the interface did indeed appear more clear and straightforward to the test persons after those changes were made.

Part of the project was also to make a user-friendly GUI for Axis' internal editors around the world. Both the front- and back-end needed adaptations to work flawlessly in 11 languages.


An example of wireframe used in testing
I made the simplified sketch clickable, so the test persons could complete tasks given to them.

The team

As always, we worked in sprints and had an agile mindset. The project involved many from both the Marketing and IT departments, from Project Manager to Business Analysts, Corporate Communication and PR, Tech Lead, Front-end and Back-end Developers and me, as UX Designer.


All the page templates
Showing an Excel file with a variety of design elements and on which page templates they should appear.


This project was a lot about navigating opposing internal ideas and for me to clarify a path forward with the help of usability tests.

Luckily, that gave an excellent result, and the Newsroom was very well received both externally and internally

My sketches: Axis Newsroom (prototype)

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