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Spare time

My main interest was to travel the world, but in my spare time nowadays I enjoy a universe filled with chaos caused by two toddlers.

Occasionally I also do some graphics for fun, set up a Wordpress site here and there, do a logotype and such.

Logotype fresh off the press

Helping a friend with this addition to his portfolio site. Maybe one day I'll have time to animate the soundwave in the middle.

Wedding invitation

It was great fun to do my own wedding invitation.
I did it in Adobe Illustrator and we printed it on A3, so it could be folded out and give the feeling of a treasure hunt map.


Guess the celebrities

Tweaking some celebrity photos. I had fun playing around in Photoshop, like in the olden days, before Sketch, XD and Figma were around to make life easier.

Pregnancy reveal when working from home 2020...
No one could see our bellies during Teams meetings online, so how would we share the news that 3 members of the webteam were pregnant at the same time? Well, by a glam celebrity photo shoot of course!


I try to never skip a World Press Photo exhibition since photography is an art form that can be so powerful and inspirational. I have done product photography in the past, but below is just taken for the fun of it, and for all the beauty in the world!

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